Reduced to Waco, Texas: from police burning children 1992 to fake biker gang shooting 2015.

18 May 2015

Waco Biker gang hoax who will be first rounded and executed in malls

What appears to be an attack against whites is in fact preparing the manuhunt for blacks and other non-whites.
Published before the "Confederate flag banned" psy-op". staged shortly after and where again the same basic psy-op technique is used.

BIKER GANG shooting hoax, Waco, Texas: How and Why did the illuminati stage it
How it was staged: Mock simulated realiity at the end of shpw, create cognitive dissonance
The "first impact", this time figuratively not litterally as in the Germanwings hoax staged as "everything vaporized".
Despite "a massive brawl and shooting between two biker gangs" there's no blood, the bikes are orderly ranged. 
On the other hand, it's packaged as "impossible that it was staged": Massive use of actors but by far not as many as what is suggested. Example: 21 mug shots while video states "170 gang members now under arrest".

USA agendas include «disarm citizens», «accept police shooting cvilians», «set legal precedents to step by step strip citizens from ALL their rights», «manhunt for non-whites».
Global agendas: to complete the psy-op "Putin's biker gang ride from Moscow to Berlin", staged days earlier using the illuminazi suicide bombers of russian government to revenge Hitler's defeat.

Set legal precedents to step by step strip citizens from ALL their rights:
As illustrated by headlines "Police want bikers off streets after deadly Texas shooting".
As for "Feds Plan To Ban Biker Gangs From Wearing Logos":
This will also ultimately apply to:
Confederate Flag - associated with hate crime group
NRA stickers and patches - associated with crime paraphernalia
Christian Cross - associated with organized discrimination
Marijuana Leaf items - associated with illegal activities
This is an ongoing program. The "Redskins" logo was the main precedent setter to get people used to the idea.
There are many more logos and symbols that will be affected.
Essentially, no logo that is not Trademarked will be allowed to be displayed....and the Trademarking process will filter out all of the unwanted logos and symbols.

Manhunt for non-whites:
1. What seems to be a "manhunt for bikers, almost all white" is in fact staged as "contrast it with Baltimore riots", another act setting the stage for the supervised race war:
from having police dressed similarly to the bikers to the biker's reaction, orderly waiting to be detained.

2. Set a legal precedent to go after ANYONE part of a gang. 
Gang members will be the first to be rounded and beheaded by the guillotine in malls morphed into extermination camps, with shops used as very temporary death row cells.

Why is a "BIKER GANG shooting" headlines around the world?
One of the agendas is to refresh the brains of the human cattle about the previous BIKER GANG psy-op, the ride of russian bikers to Berlin to celebrate Victory Day over Hitler 70 years later, alias to mock it.
In other words: the "mind control" alias psy-op technique of acceptance/refusal/refreshing by association.


Multiple photos to suggest a multiplying effect: Mug shots:

May 18, 2015 - Police want bikers off streets after deadly Texas shooting
"Feds Plan To Ban Biker Gangs From Wearing Logos"
Federal law enforcement plans to ban fight back against biker gangs by banning them from wearing group logo patches on their jackets. Claiming that “the logo itself furthers a criminal enterprise,

The officer on the left dressed to look like "one of them".

To get why "Putin" casted "a bunch of pimps" of a biker gang to be the stars of the celebration of 70 years of Hitler's defeat:
Mockery of Stalin's Soviet Union victory over Hitler using nazi agent impersonating murdered Putin

Agenda «accept police shooting cvilians» - countless psy-ops. Start here:
NSA whistleblower Snowden reveals Gov spies EVERY citizen: script's agendas for dummies

Supervised Race war: Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end with the BIG BANG.

"Mind control" alias psy-op techniques:

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