Reduced to Waco, Texas: from police burning children 1992 to fake biker gang shooting 2015.

20 April 2007

Virginia Tech = 9/11 upscaled. State Terror and Web of Disinformation, from Waco 1992, OKC 1995 and 9/11 2001 to the campus

The Nazi Big Lie Technique: Waco, 9/11, Virgina Tech
The Nazi Big Lie Technique requires regular upscaling, in particular in what concerns selling the basic agendas related to each Lie.
The illuminati staged Virgina Tech to continue completing the transition from a Formal Democracy to a Legal Terror State.
Waco, OKC bombing, 9/11 and Virgina Tech, were the four key cases of State Terror having the State Forces executing citizens in public, during that transition, from 1992 to 2007.
The basic related agendas that were advanced: Terrorize the Citizens and Legalize Terror. Let's compare 9/11 with Virgina Tech to examine the upscale process and how the Web of Disinformation was used to sell alibis used to keep alive another illuminati BIG LIE agenda, the "Technotronic Age".

Upscaling not clear at first sight
How 9/11 upscales the OKC bombings is clear. But at first sight it is not clear why Virgina Tech upscales Waco and even less clear how it upscales 9/11, since:
- The government murdered the own citizens by simply gunning them down, while at the WTC premiere they used mini-nukes to do it;
- The government murdered much more people at the WTC or even at Waco.

Why Virgina Tech is 9/11 upscaled: compare how the Agendas are advanced
We have to look at how the related agendas are advanced, to understand why Virgina Tech is in fact 9/11 upscaled.

Terrorize the Citizens Agenda- The Message
The most efficient form of state terror is using the police forces to execute people cold blood. That's why Hiter's message was "Have the Gestapo knock at your door at 4 A.M." No matter how spectacular using mini-nukes at the WTC was, the message of terror at Waco is more powerful, since the murders were wearing FBI uniforms. Now, unlike at Waco, the government does not need an alibi, i.e. the victims were armed, to sell the terror message.
Finally murdering college students is more terrifying than murdering the WTC finance sector employees. Even more terrifying is only murdering school children, as the illuminati did in Beslan, Russia, using their jihadi death squads.

Terrorize the Citizens Agenda - The Delivery of the Message
9/11 was again upscaled, since in the case of Virgina Tech the terror message is delivered to the global audience right from the beginning. WTC7, which was the terror message of 9/11 in day 1, was delivered to a much smaller audience, i.e. the eyewitnesses in Lower Manhattan. Only later,using their Web of Disinformation, would the CIA release more material, to terrorize the rest of the population.

Legalize Terror Agenda - the implementation
It took even less time for the government to announce upscaling restrictions to self-protection (right to own weapons), despite this being a more difficult item to implement than the items of 9/11: sending troops to Afghanistan, legalize terror agenda in the Guantanamo package, etc.

The Illuminati Web of Disinformation: Virginia Tech like 9/11
Like in the case of 9/11, the web of disinformation set up by the Illuminati is used immediately after to sell an alibi as sleeping pill to distract from the simple truth, i.e. government operatives did it.
Again like in 9/11, the alibi used is part of keeping alive a third agenda: selling the illuminati lie about the illuminati technological feasibility, i.e. the "TECHNOTRONIC Age" the illuminati begun propagating officially in 1968, using the Trilateral Commision.

The alibis used show again how Virgina Tech was 9/11 upscaled, in this case from machines "engineering" to human "engineering":
- 9/11: remote controlled planes & unmanned planes ("Global Hawk") technology; later holograms;
- Virginia Tech: chemical mind control, programming human-like robots, etc.

Transition from a Formal Democracy to a Legal Terror State
WTC7, 9/11 Message of Terror Day 1

Note added March 2009: Virginia Tech II just staged in Germany, to complete "Total Disarmament of Citizens" Agenda, the very last being sport shooters:

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